What is the purpose of dues? Why do we have dues?

Dues help us build healthy sustainable programs for our fellow alumni and programs. It’s important that we are fiscally responsible as an initiative within the scope of UNAVSA’s other priorities and programs.

Are there incentives to paying dues?

In addition to that feel good tingling you get in your stomach knowing that you are helping sustain the Alumni Programs. We have many benefits such as conference programming, swag, and discounts on conference sponsorships. Without dues our activities will be limited in scope.

Are annual dues tax deductible?

No, because we plan on exchanging goods, services, and benefits we are not allowed per IRS regulations to make these dues tax deductible.

Are dues required?

Nope. Joining the Directory and being a member is free.

Is there a deadline?

There is not a deadline. However dues renewals on a annual basis starting on January 1st of the next year.

I qualify as an alumni but am still a student/financially constrained, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Not all of our activities require costs on your part. We are hoping to budget for expenses for guest speakers who participate in our conference specific alumni programming.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

To contact our entire team send us a message at

To contact our Team Lead, Timmy Vo, send Timmy a email at

If I sponsor conference does that count towards our Alumni membership dues?

By being a member you will receive a discount on your conference sponsorships. Merely paying for a sponsorship does not mean you are a member or in our directory so sign up!