The UNAVSA Alumni Relations Cabinet is proud to introduce a NEW Alumni Membership Dues Structure! This structure is designed to provide year round benefits while fulfilling the needs of our alumni network. Alumni Dues are optional, and tiered to match your level of comfortability. Dues not only give you special benefits within UNAVSA but designed to help sustain operations and mission. 

Whether you contribute dues or not, we value Alums and their dedication to the community! 

The Alumni Benefits Planned for 2019 and beyond are:

  • News and updates from your alumni network
  • Official UNAVSA alumni swag
  • More opportunities for involvement such as the Alumni Mentorship Program and quarterly events
  • Voting rights and invitation for feedback to the Alumni Relations Cabinet


UNAVSA Alumni are any former officially recognized member who has served under UNAVSA for a minimum of one year as: Cabinet Staff Member, Conference Staff Member, Cabinet Director, Conference Staff Director, CORR member, and/or Executive Board Member.



  • Access to Alumni Portal
  • Subscription to  Alumni Newsletters and networking communication platforms such as Facebook Group and Google Hangouts
  • Invitation to participate as a mentor in UNAVSA’s Alumni Mentorship Program
  • Opportunity to be featured as monthly Alumni Highlight via UNAVSA’s social media
  • Opportunities to volunteer with UNAVSA’s partner organizations

$5 per month/ $60 per year

  • All of the above and…
  • Annual UNAVSA Alumni Pin
  • Opportunity to host your city/ region for young professionals
  • Invitation to Alumni Events quarterly (4 events per year)
  • Access to Alumni Swag via UNAVSA Swag Store

$10 per month/ $120 per year

  • All of the above and…
  • Choice of Alumni Swag Inventory
  • Choice of Alumni Event location




If you would like make a payment for your membership dues, you must:

  1. be enrolled on the Alumni Directory
  2. email your selected choice of either $60 or $120 per year to


We made a FAQ to help answer specific questions.  If you have a more specific question please feel free to email our team at